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An Author Among Us!

by Admin Emeritus ‎08-05-2011 07:36 PM - edited ‎08-05-2011 07:44 PM

beckybook2.jpgI think I have one of the best jobs here in Verizon.  As part of the Verizon Community Management team, I get to take the lead in recognizing great work when I see it.  Usually, I get to do this on our weekly posting of the MVP List which has been on hold while we were tallying up the votes for our 2011 Community All-Stars.  Sometimes I also get to dig a little deeper and get to share stories and tidbits about our members.


It dawned on me that you really haven't been able to get to know "us" your community managers.  Something pretty exciting has happend for one of us so I thought it was about time for the community members to learn more about my amazing co-worker, BeckyC.


BeckyC (also known as Becky Carroll) is author of one of the latest (sure to be best-seller in Jaime Lee's opinion) books by Wiley titled "The Hidden Power of Your Customers:  Four Keys to Growing Your Business Through Existing Customers."


You can probably gather from the title that this book is about people like You (customers) and how you and your experiences make all the difference in a company's success.  With twenty-years of customer service experience (from working directly with field engineers to speaking and teaching at the college level on customer care and social media strategy, I don't see how anyone else could be more qualified to write such a book!




The truth of the matter is that this book actually evolved from Becky's blog that she has been writing for 4.5 years, Customer's ROCK.  A Wiley editor had been following the blog and reached out to Becky to ask her to write a book.  (How cool is that?)


The key message of the book come from and are organized under the "ROCK" acronym.


R-Relevant Marketing

O-Orchestrated Customer Service

C-Customer Focused Culture

K-Killer Customer Service


I asked Becky what her favorite part of writing the book was (knowing that at times her dog didn't even recognize her from being locked up in her home office so much).  She said she loved talking to different companies and telling their stories about how they keep their customers front and center such as Zappos, Marriott, and Southwest Airlines to name a few ( a lot of great stories here that you must read!)  To find out more about Becky's book, check out her blog,  Customers Rock!


I had to ask Becky my standard community spotlight questions:


Jaime Lee:  What do you love about being part of the Verizon Community?


BeckyC:  I like seeing the helpfulness of the members and how positively they interact with each other, especially our longer term members.  And of course, I enjoy working closely with my fellow community managers and moderators to enhance the community experience.


Jaime Lee:  As the Verizon Community Program Manager, what do you hope to see happen in the community in the next few months (and years to come).


BeckyC:  At times, our community seems like a hidden jewel:  I want more folks to find out about us and spread the word as we continue to grow.


Jaime Lee:  Okay, so when you aren't off writing books, speaking on social media panels, and managing the Verizon Community...what do you do for fun?


BeckyC:  I enjoy hanging out on the beach with my dog and camping with my two boys and their dad.  Family time is the best!


So, now you have met another member of the Community Management team.  In the coming months, we want to learn more about you! Please keep your eye on your private message inbox, you never know when you will be the next community spotlight!




by eacabiad on ‎08-15-2011 04:54 PM

I have been introduced to a networking company called Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing that claims association with verizon. Are they really in contract to be associated with your company?

by Admin Emeritus on ‎08-17-2011 07:25 AM



I don't believe that company is associated with Verizon.



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