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Tagging “Spotlight” for Community Posts

by Admin Emeritus ‎04-30-2011 06:19 PM - edited ‎05-13-2011 11:09 AM

We know that our Verizon Community members ask the best questions.  We also know that our Verizon Community members are extremely helpful and give the best answers.  If you have Verizon FiOS TV and/or FiOS Internet or Verizon High Speed Internet and are opted in to receive emails from Verizon,  you may have been noticed that forums posts have been featured in the Verizon “Spotlight” email.  In today’s blog post, you will see some of our community member posts that have been featured in “Spotlight”.


The “Spotlight” weekly email is a customer’s #1 source for our FiOS and High Speed Internet customers.. Each issue includes the best in entertainment news, offers and the very latest Verizon product updates.  These are topics that are important to you.  That is why we knew that questions and answers from the Verizon Community Forums would also be a good fit


It has been really fun scouring for Community posts to be featured in Spotlight.  For example, community member "mbones" asked a great question featured in the March 31st FiOS customer Spotlight email… “How can I set up my DVR to only record the first 11:00PM showing of the Daily Show on Comedy Central...  "marpsu237" was able to find out why his internet  was temporarily interrupted each time an incoming phone call was received. "SteveYY" was also able to find out the key to the mystery of why his wife was losing emails"Tenorio 35" got help with his Internet Radio"Android1" found out how hecould access  the FTP directory list with his cascaded router.  "Gram" learned how to find missed television programs on demand


spot2.jpgHowever, we are thinking that YOU the Verizon


Community member would be even better at identifying what you think would be good posts to highlight. 



We are looking for posts that have questions or topics that the readers of our Spotlight E-mail would find helpful.  We also want to make sure that there are clear and streamlined answers to the posts since we include the answer, or a link to the answer, in each publication.














To help us, please tag (your posts or someone else’s) with the word “Spotlight”.  It is super easy.  You just click the “Add Tag” link



Then, you just type in the word "Spotlight".




We will be checking weekly for posts tagged SPOTLIGHT that the community wants to share with your fellow Verizon Spotlight subscribers. 



Thank you for your help! 

by BillySquan on ‎05-26-2011 10:01 AM

Has anyone experienced a 'bait and switch' situation form Verizon re Triple Play?  My 82 yr old mother received a mailer from Verizon offering FIOS TV, Internet and Phone for $69.99/mo. for 12 mos. + taxes and fees.  Nowhere in the fine print was anything stated about limitations.  After being billed $99.99 the first month (as well as the subsequent 2 months) I contacted Verizon and despite speaking with supervisors, was told all they could do for us is $89.99.  It was a classic case of 'bait & switch' and now they will not even pass my call along... ...curious if anyone has experienced this problem as I'd like to know before i escalate to the Better Business Bureau?

by Admin Emeritus on ‎05-26-2011 11:11 AM



I am sorry your mother is experiencing difficulty with her account.  You should expect a private message here on the forums from one of our social media agents to see if there is anything they can help with.  Thank you for stopping by the Community Beat Blog!

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