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What Memorial Day Means To Me

by Admin Emeritus ‎05-27-2011 12:58 PM - edited ‎06-01-2011 01:20 PM

Arlington2003.jpgMemorial day for a lot of people is the start of summer, a day of barbeques, and mattress sales. Traditionally, Memorial Day is a day we take the time to pay tribute to the men and women of the armed forces that have died in our nation’s service.


Here’s what I think about on Memorial Day.


Primarily, I think of my Dad on Memorial Day. My Dad died several years back. He served two tours of Vietnam in the Army, and lost his brother during the Tet Offensive. When he retired after 20 years of service, he still served in the defense industry as a civilian. After he retired again, he worked for another defense contractor helping to clear and dispose of unexploded ordnance across the country. He’s buried in Arlington National Cemetery. I think of his military funeral on that misty morning, and seeing the still gaping hole in the side of the Pentagon from the 9/11 attacks. Dad, thanks for your service, and we miss you. I wish you had been able to meet your grandkids.


I think of my sister on Memorial Day. She served in the Air Force, and stayed on after her service as an instructor at the Defense Information School. While in the Air Force, she served as a combat videographer and did some amazing work. I haven’t seen her for years. She made a lot of sacrifices early on to follow in my Dad’s footsteps and serve her country. Sacrifices I never did or could make.


At the end of high school I intended to follow in my Dad’s footsteps. I had a nomination to West Point, intending to enter the Army. After much internal struggle, I pulled out at the last minute. Good or bad, I decided I wouldn’t do well in the military. I’ve always felt like it was a missed opportunity and that I let my Dad down.


The first time I felt the full scope of Memorial Day myself was when I was a teenager in the Boy Scouts. We lived in Germany, on a US Army base. My troop went to St. Avold France to camp in a WWII military cemetery, and put flags on the gravesites for Memorial Day. Not many people I know have been in a military cemetery, or have seen the thousands of white crosses rolling over the hills. The graves of young people that have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. I spent a few days putting flags on graves, meeting veterans, and was chosen to help place a wreath on the grave of the unknown soldier. It was a moving experience.


Of course, like many holidays, Memorial Day means different things to different people. This is merely what it means to me, and what I think about. I’ll be barbequing on Monday as well, as we used to do with my Dad. I may even be shopping for a new mattress. But I’ll have my American flag flying, and I will take the time to pause and think about those that sacrificed for me and my family, and for the rest of us that wouldn’t or couldn’t.


I hope you do the same.

by Disgruntled1 on ‎06-01-2011 09:18 AM

I've tried contacting a supervisor through the regular route to no avail. Suddenly they're always in meetings when I call, no matter if it's the call center in the states or in India.  So here's my story.  I've been having internet issues for about 3 1/2 months.  I was sent various modems, spoke non-stop to various tech support people in India, asked more than on one occasion to have a tech support person sent to my home. For some reason I went ahead and paid the fee monthly for this service which at best was about a 4 even though I paid for top speeds. So finally after giving Verizon the ultimatum to actually send someone to my house or else, I got a phone call two days past that deadline. I'd already made an appointment with another service to come to my home to change services. Not only am I running 20 but my phone is distinctfully clearer.  As a hearing aid wearer, this is in itself is huge.


Why I'm complaining. After paying for the poor service for 3+months, I cancelled. Verizon wants to charge me a $75 dollar early cancellation fee.  I feel this is completely unfair considering I gave this company AMPLE time to fix the issue. I will join every forum I can that has Verizon in the name and repeat my story. I also live in a 41 unit neighborhood and will draft a letter describing my experience with verizon and letting ALL my neighbors know just how much faster my new service is (not to mention, $20 dollars cheaper a month).  I'm also friend with the neighboring HOA that has 200 units and I will pass this information along. I wonder if the new service will give us an additional break for bringing in all this additional business?

by Admin Emeritus on ‎06-01-2011 10:40 AM

Sorry, you have had such difficulty!  We have escalated this to th social media team to review.  Please watch for a new private message from them requesting additional information.


Thank You!

by Admin Emeritus on ‎06-01-2011 02:46 PM

Wow, Doug, your family has quite the military history! I meant to leave a comment Monday, but got a little busy. On Memorial Day I think of my grandfather who was a WWII POW. He and his crewmates were captured during the Ploesti oil field raids. It's not a widely-known piece of WWII, but important to my family -- as you can imagine.


When I was just getting ready to start my senior year of high school, my mom & I went to a POW reunion with my grandmother. I met many of the men who fought alongside my grandfather (who had already passed by then). It was one of the most amazing things I've ever had the chance to do. I will always hold those men -- and the Romanian princess who helped them -- near and dear to my heart.

by Admin Emeritus on ‎06-06-2011 08:30 AM



That sounds like an amazing story, and much respect to your grandfather. Thanks for commenting and sharing.


I'm going to have to so some Googling...



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