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Fios available in North Carolina, USA?

I am moving to North Carolina in June, 2012 and I am trying to see if there is a Fios out there. If not, what penalties do I have for ending my contract early.

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Re: Fios available in North Carolina, USA?

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What area of North Carolina are you moving to? I don't believe FiOS is around in any of the Carolinas, but some towns do have municipal Fiber projects which have been awesome for the towns that have it.


For leaving FiOS? If you're on an old contract you might just luck out and not have to pay anything. Otherwise, you'll have a prorated Early Termination Fee to pay. I don't know specifically how that's done and calculated as time goes on, but it is smart to wait for a reply on how they do it or to re-read your contract or search DSLReports for some threads I recall seeing there on this subject. If you're not in a contract, just tell Verizon you're moving and let them figure out what to do (Cancel or transfer services to FiOS or DSL, whichever you prefer).

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Re: Fios available in North Carolina, USA?

Thank you for getting back to me. I am moving to the Charlotte area of NC, more so Mooresville. My parents have had Fios before but this time it is in my name so I will more than likly have a termination fee to pay.

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Re: Fios available in North Carolina, USA?

North Carolina was one of the states Verizon sold to Frontier, so Verizon does not offer internet service there anymore as far as I know.

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Re: Fios available in North Carolina, USA?

We just had a FIOS rep at a community meeting -- since I'm hoping to move to NC in the next 6 months, asked him about the cancellation fee -- he said he didn't think NC had FIOS and therefore they couldn't charge a cancellation charge.  He started out by saying "I'm not telling you to move to WV, but they don't have FIOS and if someone moves there, we can't charge a cancellation fee"


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