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How Do I Get My "VZID" Number?

I want to register my new FIOS account at, but am having trouble installing FIOS software on my Mac (note: I don't need this software for anything except registration; my FIOS service is working great without the software). 


An old message in this forum says I automatically have a "vzid" somewhere which, along with a reset password, would allow me to log into my account at without needing to install the software.


How do I find out my vzid number? I'm unable to get to a live human being via telephone, but, anyway, I'm not sure if this is a tech question or a billing question.


Many thanks for any help,





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Re: How Do I Get My "VZID" Number?

for that you would need to contact tech support. The ON-LINE chat should have it also.


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Re: How Do I Get My "VZID" Number?

Trying to sign in to use In Home Agent. 

How do I get VZID number, and what is MON??


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