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Kindle Fire won't connect to home wifi

I'm having difficulty connecting my kindle fire to my home wifi.  When I enter my password, the message I get is: "Error in Connection: Unable to connect to the selected access point.  Please check the password you have provided."  I know that my password is correct.  A message board on Amazon says that the kindle fire is unable to connect to verizon or at&t networks.  The help topic on verizon about connecting more devices to my wireless network doesn't list any kindle devices as options for connection.  How do I connect my kindle to my wireless network?

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Re: Kindle Fire won't connect to home wifi

Are you using WEP Security on the wireless? You might want to check the case on the lettering to ensure it's correct. Some devices mis-interpret Capitals for Hex characters, and vice versa. Failing that, try switching to WPA2 to see if perhaps that would help. Someone offered up the suggestion in another post to change the WEP Shared Key mode from Shared to Open. I didn't know that option was present in the FiOS routers, but that might be worth toggling too.

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