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Re: Router Signal strength....weak!!

CharlesH wrote:
Well this depends if your verizon router is currently using coax or ethernet currently. you should be able to just "bridge" our router by connecting it to yours via cat5 cable. just go out from one of the lan ports on ours to your router's WAN/INTERNET port.


Charles, you can't just go from LAN of the AT to WAN of a Lynksis or any other router that uses a LAN IP. It will not work. At the very least you have to set the second router to a different sub net ie. This will get any pc connected to it on line but there will still be issues. You will be on a different network than any pc conected to the AT and you will have another hop in the network.. So things like file and printer sharing will NOT work with this setup.

If you want to use your router behind the AT, Set your router up as a hub or wireless access point.

1- give it a lan ip address something like   this takes it out of the commec DHCP range of the AT.  HIt apply

2- log abck in using that address. Turn the DHCP server Off or Disable. Hit apply.

Pull the power on it.

3- plug it LAN to LAN to the AT.  turn power back on

Your router is now invisible to all PCs  connected to it, all DHCP duties are done by the AT and all PC will be on the same subnet.


You an refer to instructions on for more info.

You can also turn the AT into a bridge if you want.

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Re: Router Signal strength....weak!!

I'm very aware of basic networking.  I contacted the customer and he is working fine now.

Thanks! =P

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Re: Router Signal strength....weak!!

Ok Charles, I was just posted to clarify your instructions and, to keep someone else from failing if they tried to do that.
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Re: Router Signal strength....weak!!

Thanks for all the help here from every1. Much appreciated, special thanks to charles for going out of his way to help.

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