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Static or Dynamic

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I have residential Verizon Fios. What type of IP address do I have? Static or Dynamic?  According to IP lookup I have a Static IP. This has just happened over the last day or so.  While logged into my Actiontec router I noticed three Connections, router, This one is a REMOTE Connection, is my PC. I think I'm having problems with someone hacking my  account.  Any thoughts would be helpful.

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Re: Static or Dynamic

So the 192.168.1.x addresses are devices that are connected to your LAN or Local Area Network.  Those are devices such as PCs, Laptops, etc. you have in your home.  The Router uses DHCP.  You can make a device static but by default everything will use DHCP. is the router which you say. you indicate as remote Connection.  This is a device connected.  It will say whether its wired or wireless.  Are you unsure what this device is?  Could be a smartphone, tablet, printer, etc.



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Re: Static or Dynamic

It was an Ethernet connection.  I have the wireless disabled because of the problems that I've been having.  As I was going through the router I started getting java button errors with mimic go to %some number% that could not be located. Then the router locked up. I only had my laptop active which is also hard wired. I did a lookup on my Gateway IP and It told me that my IP address is Static but its also DHCP.  It did say the IP address was a Verizon IP.  Thanks for the reply.



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Re: Static or Dynamic

There is the public IP and the Internal IP Addresses.


For the public IP, unless you are on Business grade - then you are using Pure DHCP OR PPPoE DHCP.


For the Internal IP Addresses, they can either be DHCP (Dynamic) or Static.


If you have a Static Internal IP Address as shown in the router's screen, then that internal IP Address is used for some sort of server. This can be a print server or a web server.


Someone might be trying to a run a server behind your router and allow users from the Internet to connect to that server (called portforwarding).

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