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changing router channel

I would like to change the channel my router is on.  - Since I had FIOS installed I can no longer open my garage door (dont laugh).  During the day when my FIOS goes out (daily) I can open and shut the garage.  Hince..would like to change channel on router.  Using IP address I (ending in 1.1) I can get to signon screen.  I use

' admin'  and 'password' but this information is incorrect - what is the sign on to access the router for the first time?

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Re: changing router channel

Hi Scully, have you seen this post?  CLICK HERE

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Re: changing router channel

for accessing the router try 'admin' and 'password1'  if you still can't get in, reset the router then try the and the first time you access the router config page it will ask you to set\reset the password
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Re: changing router channel

It is a know issue,


Your garage door opener maybe using 2.4ghz frequency


default ip


User         admin

password  password1


-->click on Wireless Setting

-->Basic Security Settings

-->section 3 on right Change Channel Setting Change the Automation to 11

-->This has resolve some of the customer's issue


Hope this help for you


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