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dd-wrt bridge with actiontec FIOS

Hi All,


I just had FIOS installed.  My router is an Actiontec MI424WR Gen2.  Because of the logistics of my building, the router had to be installed some distance from the computer that I previouslyto had connected via a DSL ethernet link.  I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router that has dd-wrt firmware installed.  I have previously been able to get this kind of hardware/firmware to be able to do wireless bridging.  I am having difficulty getting this to work with my new FIOS installation.  I have set the Actiontec to be b/g, with a chanel set to the same as the Linksys, security also identical, etc, but I am not able to make a connection between the two.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


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Re: dd-wrt bridge with actiontec FIOS

I thought I read on the ddwrt website that its not compatible config with the actiontec. Id double check that. I think its related to the conflicting chipsets
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Re: dd-wrt bridge with actiontec FIOS

here are some wireless bridging set ups from the website


BUT I also found another forum poster that succesfully set it up. 



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