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Channel Lineup

Is it just me or does the channel lineup for FIOS Prime really suck? I am a new FIOS subscriber and was lured in by all the hype I saw on TV and all the advertisements in the mail. So far I don't see where I'm any better off than I was with COMCAST except I save a few dollars for the first year. Most of the channels in PRIME are wasted unless your prefer to watch sports or news 24/7. There should be a way to swap channels so you can get at least a few that are worth watching. And why are the channels so scattered out? Why not group all PRIME channels together or just block out all that aren't part of the package? I get tired of seeing the little box that says this service is not available, to subscribe please do so and so.

So far I can't see where I made such a good decision by switching to FIOS.


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