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Font size on Guide and other menus

I am a new Fios customer (from Comcast) and find the Guide very difficult to read, too small. Also, the On Demand feature is VERY cumbersome to get to a previously aired show or to view any features offered. It is suggested that the customer should be able to adjust the font size to read the menus and streamline the On Demand features to more quickly get to where we want to get to.


Thank you.

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Re: Font size on Guide and other menus

To this, I will add that the Symbol and Number that appears on the info bar when you first turn to a channel both have to be bigger the symbol could be about 30% bigger.  The number has to be about 110 per cent bigger.  I have perfect 20/20 vision, and can barely see the number from my chair.  This is my gramma's TV... With her vision, she doesn't stand a chance of being able to read the Guide, or to see confirmation of what channel she is on once she switches to it.. 



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Re: Font size on Guide and other menus

I recently received a 7100 HD channel box to replace a defective 6200 HD channel box.  First thing I noticed was how small the font is on the channel guide now.  I have a wide screen 34" TV and have difficulty seeing the tiny font from more than 15 feet away, with good vision.


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