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MLB Extra Innings and FiOS

If you are a fan of the MLB Extra Innings package, the only place you will find complete satisfaction is with DirecTV.  After several hours of talking and chatting with Verizon reps, the company line is: the package they buy is from "In Demand", just like most other providers.  So, if you subscribe to the package (with FiOS) it is what it is ... pathetic.  Apparently only DirecTV deals directly with MLB.  So if you want 30 channels of games that include "home" and "away" feeds for most games as well as nearly all of them in HD, and be able to see the schedule on both your on-screen guide as well as their web site, then switch to DirecTV.  Me ... I have to wait 23 more months until my agreement expires.

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Re: MLB Extra Innings and FiOS

I spent two hours with customer service and technical support.   Customer service also spoke directly with technical support to find out that the package STARTS tomorrow - and does not include spring training games.   Customer service says the contract terms with OnDemand changed since last year - but were unable to articulate the terms to me.


I don't understand how a service provider's customer service and sales folks are unable to explain the precise terms for the services they offer and that it required a technician to explain when the MLB programming airs.


Go here to find the schedule of games (No - verizon did not provide this for me - I had to find it myself)


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