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Subscribe to a Channel?



I was browsing around and noticed that my FiOS Prime account does not include BBC World or America, but that if I go to either channel I can press OK to subscribe.


Does anyone know-- would subscribing upgrade me from Prime to the next level (Extreme) with the requisite price difference? Or can I order that channel a la carte for a lower price? And what is that price?


Does anyone know, or know where I can find the info?





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Re: Subscribe to a Channel?

I believe the only way to get BBC America would be to subscribe to the next tier (Extreme).

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Re: Subscribe to a Channel?

Yeah, unfortunatly, they still do not have al-la-carte ordering. so by turning to a channel that you are not subscribed to will upgrade you to the package that contains that channel. So for example, if you want HORSE RACING TV for example and you turned to that channel to order, you would be upgraded all the way to the ultimate HD package since that channel is only available in that tier.


so in your case, the BBC world news is available in the next package up, so if you order it, you would be moved up to the Extreme package. With all the price and channels that go along with it.


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Re: Subscribe to a Channel?

But you can go down to the package below and get BBC America.  How crazy is that?


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