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Adding Music to the SlideShow?

Well, I've just got the FIOS package and I am pretty much satisfied with it.


Two questions:


(1) The screen goes black for a couple of seconds and then I get

a little legend on the top right-hand corner saying someting like


HDMI1/DVI         No time information

PVR STB            1920x1080i @ 60Hz


The legend also goes away after a couple of seconds.

This happens too many time during a movie or a slideshow.


(2) When I attach a few MP3 files from my computer's directory to the

slideshow that I have put together with Media Manager, everything works

just great on my computer. However, when I start the slideshow on

my TV's screen (SAMSUNG 55in LED) I don't hear the music. I only

hear the sound from the underlying TV channel. What am I doing wrong?


Thank you very much!






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