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Apex TV code for remote?

Just bought an Apex LD4688 TV and cannot find a code that works with my Verizon remote (RC1445302/00B).  I tried all the Apex codes and even ran through all 200 codes several times.  No code seems to work.  Any ideas?

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Re: Apex TV code for remote?

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actually, I did a search and  found ASTAR tv's can be used,    on the 2 button remote its code 032 on the four button remote astar isn't an option.


I know that the Remotes are Garunteed to control the Cable Boxes, however your TV may not be compatible with the VZ remote control.   You must use the remote that came with your TV or component OR if you absolutely must have only one remote control, then you can purchase a third party Universal remote control that can control the Verizon Cable box


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