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Can't see the time on my set top box

I don't know why, but the time doesn't show on my set top box, even though it's set to show clock. This happens 2 of the televisions where I will walk into the room and it is showing the channel instead of the time. I continually look on the menu and it still says "show clock," nothing ever changes and sometimes I end up unplugging the box and plugging it back up.


I've only had Fios for just about a month. Is this normal?

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Re: Can't see the time on my set top box

No it is not normal, but it happens pretty frequently to me. At least for me, it is not necessary to unplug the STB (I have a 6414 DVR and a couple of 2500 STBs and this works on all of them), just go into the menu to where the clock setting is, change it to Show Channel Number so it matches what you are actually seeing, then change it to Show Clock. Get out of the Menu and wait for up to one minute, and the clock should be displayed.


I see this problem anywhere from one day to the next to a month between occurances. But I could probably do the "fix" in my sleep now, it only takes 15-20 seconds to do.


Hope this helps.


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