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DVR to Record More Shows

Does Veriozon plan to offer anything to compete with the other providers as far as recording more shows?  My DVR fills up quick and I often have to record shows in other rooms on other DVRs...which is a real pain.  Also, it seems the capapcity of recording high definition shows is very limited.  The website says 80 hours of standard definition, but I wouldn't think anyone ever recorded standard definition anymore.  We have been seeing more commercials with Direct TV and ATT that advertise recording of up to 6 shows and speeds are increasing with internet as well.  I am not sure FIOS is keeping up...and use to be the best thing going.  Just curious if anyone has heard of anything new coming...other than a new guide menu (which by the way is much better than the old one).

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Re: DVR to Record More Shows

Verizon has a few different models. 


The 6416 and the 7216 model are smaller 160 gb, hard drives. 


The 6416 can not be expanded

the 7216 can be expanded using an ESATA external hardrive, upto 2 TB 

The model 7232 has a 500 Gb Hard drive built in and can also be expanded. 


Verizon offers the 7232 to customers but you have to pay for the shipping/upgrade fee of $40.00  

You can order that online, by signing in at and then clicking on FIOS TV   there will be a small link that says "Get more DVR storage" 


and then on the bottom of the next page is a link that says "

If your current set-top box does not have an eSATA port, or if you are seeking a larger capacity DVR, Sign Up Now for a DVR upgrade request."


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