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DVR won't record - even show currently watching

I have several series scheduled to records.  My DVR was working fine and recording all my shows, up until about 2 weeks ago.  Now none of my scheduled recordings record, even if they are listed in the DVR schedule to record.  When I push the record button to record something I"m currently watching I get the "cannot record previous show" message. The clock on my DVR is correct and the on screen guide is correct.


Anyone know what's up or how to correct this?

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Re: DVR won't record - even show currently watching

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Most problems that can be fixed...are fixed by unplugging the power to the DVR for 30 seconds.


If that doesn't resolve the problem, then you may need to have your box replaced.

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Re: DVR won't record - even show currently watching

a reprogramming by one of the Tech support people (they have two levels of reprogramming - the extreme level would wipe off all recordings on your DVR) may prove to be a better fix than powercycling the DVR, but I would try the powercycle first.
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Re: DVR won't record - even show currently watching

I doubt if the power-cycling re-set will work on this issue, it might, haven’t seen that exact error before, but coupled with a router re-set (the recessed button on the back of the router) might combine to make repairs, I agree with the ideas here, it sort of sounds like a clock/time miss-match of some kind, the first 2 clocks that must agree are in the STB & the router.


More likely required will be a re-initialization of the STB. An activity Tech Support will have to perform for you (888-553-1555).


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