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Fios Termination Fees

I am set to get Fios TV and Internet this Tues. (2/16).  It's part of a bundled package that required a 2 year commitment.  In a Live Chat I asked the Verizon representative the question, "If in that 2 years I move residences into an area where Fios is not available would I be charged early Termination Fees."  He said that I would be charged those Termination Fees, however they would be completely waived if I installed Verizon Home Phone service at the new residence.  Is this true?  Also, he stated that there is not any time commitment to the Home Phone service and that it could be cancelled at any time.  Is this true, as well?

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Re: Fios Termination Fees

Hello teegrow...The representative is correct. If you move to a new address that is not FIOS capable, early termination fees do not apply as long as you establish at least home phone service at your new address. Regarding your last question, home phone service only, generally does not carry a term commitment therefore if you cancel it, no termination fees will be incurred. However, during your move you would need to ask what type of package you are getting so that you are clear on whether or not termination fees will be incurred.


Thanks for reaching out!

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