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HDMI cable

Want to get an inexpensive HDMI cable to connect my FIOS DVR to my HDTV and there seem to be a zillion different types.  What is it that I want ... 

in the under $20 range?

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Re: HDMI cable

try wal-mart or ebay
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Re: HDMI cable

I just bought a very nice HDMI cable from for about $2 + $3 shipping.  There seems to be a lot of similar cables in the $2-10 range, which beats those $20-50 cables the stores seem to stock, and it works fine and appears to be of a decent build quality.


Parts Express is another good source for cheap cables.  I bought all my optical cables from them for around $2 + $5 shipping.  They've been working fine for years now. 

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Re: HDMI cable

My favorite place for inexpensive quaility cables is  Have both HDMI and component cables that have been excellent.
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Re: HDMI cable

I concur with Keyboards on Monoprice. There are a lot of overrated and overpriced HDMI cables on the market. I have never been unhappy with any product from Monoprice.

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