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Copper Contributor
Posts: 17
Registered: ‎11-10-2008
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Multi Room DVR - Pause Live TV?

Hi all,


Thinking of switching to Multi Room DVR service, and I haven't been able to figure out if pausing/ff/rew live TV still works on the satellite boxes.  Right now, I have 2 HD DVRs and one SD Box.  For Multi Room, I would have to upgrade one of the HD DVRs to MR DVR, and downgrade the other HD DVR to just HD box, correct?  Would I lose the ability to pause/ff/rew live tv on the downgraded box, or does that work throught MR DVR functionality?  Let me know, thanks.



Bronze Contributor II
Posts: 218
Registered: ‎11-01-2008
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Re: Multi Room DVR - Pause Live TV?

[ Edited ]

EDIT***Sorry reread your post and you wanted to know about live TV not recordings.  No the only STB capable of pausing/rewinding live TV is the DVR itself.  MRDVR is strictly for the playback of pre-recorded shows from the DVR on the satellite boxes. 



Message Edited by TheSanchez on 11-10-2008 12:16 PM

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Copper Contributor
Posts: 22
Registered: ‎11-04-2008
0 Kudos

Re: Multi Room DVR - Pause Live TV?

You can not pause live tv with a non DVR box even with multi room.

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