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NBC Sports HD (channel 590 VHO8) - NO AUDIO!!

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Anyone else finding that the HD version of NBC Sports (channel 590) has no audio (except of course on the commercials  :smileyfrustrated: )?  SD version on channel 90 is fine.


Just went to playback the Indy Lights race recorded earlier and the whole recording (other than some commercials) is like watching a silent movie.  Surpisingly closed captioning is working even though the audio is silent.


EDIT - Amazingly shortly after posting this the audio returned (after being out for over 2 hours that I know of).


EDIT2 - May have spoken too soon.  Now the show on (7:13 PM) has audio but some of the station pormos are still coming in silent.

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Re: NBC Sports HD (channel 590 VHO8) - NO AUDIO!!

I'm having the same problem in south jersey
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Re: NBC Sports HD (channel 590 VHO8) - NO AUDIO!!

Yep, same problem. Very annoying although I am thinking it's not necessarily Verizon but NBC Sports Net.

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Re: NBC Sports HD (channel 590 VHO8) - NO AUDIO!!

Well I did not see the issue here in North Texas today, so what if anything does that say? I don't know, a regional Verizon issue maybe?


After seeing the original post here I watched my recording of the Indy Lights race, audio was just fine. And over maybe a two hour period I checked 590 live a half dozen or so times after watching the recording, all was fine.


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