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Problem with close captions

I am having a problem with close captions for HD HBO and Cinemax channels. I am not able to get rid of Spanish language close captions: to change language to English or to turn them off. I have no problem with other channels. I can see English close captions of turn them off on other channels. I spoke to at least two technicians, and they were not able to help. I have settings set up the right way: close captions to CC1 and IMG language to English, but  it has no effect. Seeing Spanish text on the screen all the time is very annoying. Note that when selecting CC1, which is supposed to be English language close caption, English is in the background, and Spanish close captions are in the foreground.


Can anybody help?

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Re: Problem with close captions

Not sure about this but I think your last sentence may be the clue:  "English is in the background, and Spanish close captions are in the foreground". Sounds like at that point you have enabled closed captions on both the TV and the cable box. If your video goes through any other pieces of gear (DVD recorder, VHS player, etc), check those setups also.

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Re: Problem with close captions

This happened to me too!  It was so strange that it would only happen on HBO, but sure enough, the answer was that both pieces of equipment, botht the Verizon set top box and the TV itself we set on closed captions.  All I had to so was turn of captioning on the television, and then the captions in Spanish disappeared.  To display English captions, I simply set captions on under "accessibility" on the verizon stb using my remote.  

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Re: Problem with close captions

Good call gary. I think your spot on

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