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QAM Tuner

I have a QAM tuner on my computer, however none of the cable channels work on it. Every channel I tune into displays a picture of a lock. I don't understand because it said on the box that it was a QAM tuner that could pick up digital cable. Is verizon scrambling all the channels so that you need a box to receive them? I already have 5 boxes plus a digital adapter...

Anyone have a solution? 

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Re: QAM Tuner

You should be able to receive QAM channels that are unscrambled without a set top box on a TV with a QAM tuner.
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Re: QAM Tuner

I'm using this on my Dell desktop:


It works fine for the local package Clear QAM channels (unencrypted). I have the FIOS coax plugged right into it and then it's plugged into a rear USB port on my computer.

I had the TV tuner software do an auto scan for the QAM channels and it found the available ones. The channels number didn't match anything in the FIOS guide so you can't use those as a reference.

The answer is you should be able to get the SD local package channels, music channels and some other clear QAM channels.

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Re: QAM Tuner

I dont know what software or tuner you are using, but use the autoscan or autoprogram feature to scan through all the channels and get rid of the scrambled ones

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