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Remote not working right

My remote does not work right.  I keep pressing buttons and it wwont change channels.  I have changes the batteries and it does not help.



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Re: Remote not working right

I think your remote is fine. The problem is other equipment. I'm having the same problem and I have to reboot my router 5 times per week.

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Re: Remote not working right

Make sure that you have pressed the STB Button on the top of the remote on the right.


You may also need to reprogram it.  Instructions can be found here:


Note that your Router has NOTHING to do with the operation of your remote control.

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Re: Remote not working right

I know this will sound silly, but will the remote control the STB with the TV turned off? If so, the problem may very well be IR interference from the light sensor on your TV (believe it or not!). Here is a link to a thread which discusses this issue, with a possible solution: Link


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