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Sync TV and FIOS Box to be turned on by Remote

I just hooked up a new VIZIO HDTV and am having problems getting the HD Box and TV to turn on by hitting the power once. All of my other TVs do that.


Some additional background: I couldnt use the codes to power the TV and had to go through the Play button 9-2-2 method.

Any ideas?

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Re: Sync TV and FIOS Box to be turned on by Remote

By default, the remote will do what you are asking 


First Reset the remote....


To reset the remote, do this.

Step Action
1 Press and hold the STB key.
2 While holding down the STB key, press OK.
3 Release both keys. The device keys will blink twice.
4 Press 9-0-0.


Then re-program with the 922 bit.. incase you forgot how..



To Search for codes, do this

Step Action
1 Turn on the device
2 Press and hold a device key (AUX, DVD, or TV).
3 While holding down the device key, press OK.
4 Release both keys. The device keys will blink twice.
5 Press 9-2-2.
6 Point the remote at the device
7 Press PLAY (the triangle button).
8 Press Fast Forward (the double triangle to the right of the play button).
Every time you press Fast forward, the remote sends a new power-off command to the device
9 Keep pressing Fast Forward until the device turns off.
10 When the device turns off, you have found the right code.
Press OK to store this code


Once stored, then test... should be good after the reset and reprogram, as I can only assume what settings were changed...


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