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Transferring shows from DVR to DVR

I just got FiosTv and the box we received doesn't work. However, it worked long enough for me to program it to tape all of my shows for a week, and it appears to have taped all of them. But now we have to get a new box and I will lose all of my shows if I can't transfer them.


Does anyone know how to transfer recorded programs from one VZ Fios DVR box to another? 

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Re: Transferring shows from DVR to DVR

There is no way to transfer recordings from one FiOS DVR to another.


What was wrong with your box?  A number of common issues can be "fixed" by disconnecting the power for 30 seconds.

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Re: Transferring shows from DVR to DVR

That's disappointing. I tried unplugging and we went through a number of things with the Verizon rep.  


Now everytime I turn on the box (after unplugging) it turns on for a second then shuts off and you can't get it to turn on again. Before it would just crash when you tried to do anything. 

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Re: Transferring shows from DVR to DVR

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My box does the same thing if I unplug it (once every two or three months).  When it turns on it makes one click then powers off.  I figured out what I have to do when I plug the power cord back in is to press the power button as soon as it powers off.  I may have to do this two times.  This seems to make the box "come alive" and boot up.  I know that I have a bad box but this is something that I can live with as it has no other issues.
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