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Posts: 1
Registered: ‎11-22-2012
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Trying to Program Proscan Tv with Remote ....Help

I was trying to program P265v 1.1 RC to my Proscan Tv and it wont work, i;ve been using code 302 not working...... Anybody can help??????????/

Platinum Contributor I
Posts: 5,829
Registered: ‎07-22-2009
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Re: Trying to Program Proscan Tv with Remote ....Help

If you've tried the remote code listed for your TV and it did not work, or the remote code is not listed, you can search for a valid code to set up your remote.



Search for a valid code and set up your remote

  1. Turn on your TV and the FiOS TV Set-Top Box.
    Make sure you can see live TV.

  2. Press and hold the OK and FiOS TV buttons together then release both buttons.
    The red LED light blinks 2 times and then stays on.

  3. Press and hold the Play button.
    The remote control tries a new TV code every second.
    The red LED light blinks each time a new code is sent.

  4. When the TV turns off, release the Play button immediately.

    NOTE: Some TVs may respond slower than others. If necessary, you can press the Ch+and Ch- buttons to go forward or backward one TV code at a time.

  5. Test your remote to ensure it is working properly:
    - Turn on the TV by pressing the TV button on your FiOS TV remote.
    - Press the Vol+ and Vol- buttons to ensure that you can control the volume.
    - Press the Mute and A/V buttons to ensure they work.

    If any of these buttons do not work, press and hold that button. Release the button as soon as it works.

  6. If all the buttons work, press OK to this TV remote code.
    The red LED light blinks 3 times and then turns off. Your remote control is now programmed.



That method above may work for you.  Give that a shot.   

Posts: 1
Registered: ‎12-22-2012
0 Kudos

Re: Trying to Program Proscan Tv with Remote ....Help

I have a brand new Proscan LED TV and have tried to program my old FiOS remote for it, using both codes and search and a new FiOS remote using both codes and search - neither will program the TV into the remote.  I know the process for each remote and can tell you how to try, but apparently there are NO codes that will work with Proscan.  Can you advise?  Is there a LEARN feature where you can just point one remote at the other and have it learn the codes like other systems?

Posts: 1
Registered: ‎12-26-2012
0 Kudos

Re: Trying to Program Proscan Tv with Remote ....Help

I'm having the same issue with my proscan. I've tried code 302 and then I also found 4 digit codes when using the Fios help option and still no luck.  Any ideas?

Posts: 1
Registered: ‎02-01-2013
0 Kudos

Re: Trying to Program Proscan Tv with Remote ....Help

I'm in the same predicament. I just purchased a new Proscan TV for our bedroom, and I can't get the Verizon RC to recognize it. I've tried the direct approach using code 302, and also the auto-search method, and neither worked. Is the problem with Proscan, or Verizon?
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎02-18-2013
0 Kudos

Re: Trying to Program Proscan Tv with Remote ....Help

I am a new Verizon customer.  I have a Proscan 32" tv that I purchased just before christmas 2012 (so it is new) I do not know the model number off hand.  I have tried to set up the Verizon remote using the code 302 and it did not work.  When I tried to use the code search feature, the tv goes haywire (powering on/off, changing screen colors, and the LED light blinks odd colors.  I have no access to the tv, the remote does not work, I have to manually power off the tv then turn it back on.  Nothing that I do will allow this remote to connect to the tv.  It worked fine with my LG tv in the living room, but nothing works for this tv, and i would love some help!!

Posts: 1
Registered: ‎12-20-2013
0 Kudos

Re: Trying to Program Proscan TV with Remote ....Help

I have a Philips RC1445302 remote and had quite a time trying to program the remote to work with the Proscan 39" LED Model# PLDED3996A TV I just purchased for my Dad.  I tried every Proscan, RCA, GE, and Sylvania code to no avail.  The below Verizon manual search instructions will get the job done but there are a couple of quirks.  First, after entering the 922 code wait for the TV button to blink on and off three times before pressing the top of the Play button.  Pressing the Play button causes the TV to turn off for some reason but that is ok, just start pressing the Fast Forward button.  After ~94 clicks the TV will turn on, however this IS NOT the code so don't press the OK button, but continue to press the Fast Forward button until ~120 clicks at which point the TV will turn off with the correct code.  Press the OK button to save the code and you are all set.


Note: These steps only apply to the Philips RC 144 Remote Control.

Searching for a Device Code

    1. Turn on the device you want to program into your remote, for example if you are programming your remote to control your TV, then turn on the TV.
    1. Press and hold the device button for the device you turned on in step 1 (DVD, AUX, TV, STB) and press OK. Release both buttons.

      The mode buttons blink twice.
    1. Press 922.
    1. Point the remote control toward the device you are setting up and press the upper part of the Play button.
    1. Press the Fast Forward button. If the device you are setting up does not turn off, keep pressing the Fast Forward button until the device powers off. (You can use the Rewind button to go back, if necessary.)
  1. When the device powers off then you've found the correct code for that device. Press OK to assign the code in your remote control.


All Star
Posts: 301
Registered: ‎11-09-2013
0 Kudos

Re: Trying to Program Proscan TV with Remote ....Help

when using the 302 code, does the TV ever turn off for step 5 of the instruction?

  • Press and release the Ch+ button until the TV turns off. You can also back up by pressing the Ch- button.

    NOTE: Some TVs may respond slower than others to buttons pressed on the remote so wait at least 1 second between button presses.




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