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Wiring Diagram TV/DVD/FIOS DVR

Trying to connect a QIP6416 Fios DVR and my DVD player to a non HD TV.


Any diagrams for that?  The only ones I find say VCR?  Hoping this is actually possible.


I have coax in to DVR, what's next?



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Re: Wiring Diagram TV/DVD/FIOS DVR

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Composite or component out from DVR to DVD in, then from DVD out to TV. Plus composite or component out from DVR to TV. Let us know if you don't have those connections on your DVD/TV. You could use coax from the DVR to TV, but that would not be ideal.

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Re: Wiring Diagram TV/DVD/FIOS DVR

So ... look at the back of your TV and DVD players and let us know the labels on all of the inputs or outputs -- or better still post the exact make and model number of your TV and DVD player and we can probably find a user guide online that has the diagram we need to see in order to tell you the best way to connect things together.  Should be possible, but need to see what the capabilities of the devices are first.



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Re: Wiring Diagram TV/DVD/FIOS DVR

or use the Verizon Wiring Diagrams


Connect to a Stereo TV 6416

Connect to a Stereo TV 7216


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