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Posts: 7
Registered: ‎05-13-2011
Accepted Solution

Trouble with Traffic Shaping and Priority

Im using a Westell 9100em router, the old 25/5 plan but I get  about 30/22 and 22/22 wifi, however bandwidth to my xbox fluctuates and I really don't know why. Under traffic priority I have my Xbox's static IP under Ethernet switch but I don't see much if any difference. Under General QoS I've set it to gamer, Priority by Host, and general and still no change. When I have it set to gamer or PBH a class is mad under traffic shaping but under Broadband Connection (Ethernet) and I can't set an IP address to the class made so its pointless. What I really want to know is if traffic priority and shaping work on this router and how exactly do you do it?

Silver Contributor IV
Posts: 1,777
Registered: ‎05-14-2009

Re: Trouble with Traffic Shaping and Priority

From experience I can tell you that most networking routers do a bad job at traffic shaping and prioritization of traffic even those from the biggest network manufactuer (Begins with a C and ends with an O).  I know it doesn't help you out but I never expect much from enabling a feature like that on routers especially something that woud work in software.

Platinum Contributor I
Posts: 5,881
Registered: ‎07-22-2009

Re: Trouble with Traffic Shaping and Priority

[ Edited ]

The only people I have seen, set QOS, with any kind of success are the guys at the DDWRT forums.    those would be a great starting point so you can understand what settings do what, and what values to put in what areas, just understand that DDWRT is a different piece of software than the Verizon Software, and so some of the things may not be named the same, or even found in the same places.  you already know where to go in the Verizon router, so after reading a few of these pages it may give you an idea for what proper settings you should use. 


I have only seen a couple people set up QOS properly on an actiontec, but that was with older firmware.  So I Will link that, andm the DDWRT forums where they discuss QOS more in depth. 


Quality of Service - DD-WRT Wiki

My "custom" QoS that really works

Advanced Bittorrent efficiency using DD-WRTQoS and uTorrent ...



Here is a gentleman that properly set up QOS on the Newer Actiontec from FiOS.  



Even though you have a westell, it is loaded with Verizon's software, and it looks VERY similiar to the Actiontec's so you should still be able to follow along.

Posts: 7
Registered: ‎05-13-2011

Re: Trouble with Traffic Shaping and Priority

[ Edited ]

Similar but different when it come to creating class names for westell you cannot issue an IP as far as I could find. I guess Ill try and get the Actiontec or just buy another router and bridge like everyone else.

Posts: 4
Registered: ‎06-30-2011

Re: Trouble with Traffic Shaping and Priority

I am not sure I understand the answer.  Using the Westell 9100EM I have been unable to classify traffic into anything other than "default" class.


Issue here:  I am using an Ooma VOIP device, and wish the Ooma to get whatever it needs at the expense of anything else.  Have almost achieved this with priority, but I am unable to get traffic classified.  Classification would allow me to assign policing and shaping policies to different classes.  I'd like to reserve some bandwidth for voice traffic (in theory 64kbps should be enough but I'd probably reserve 512k for voice if I could).  Setting max delay to 30ms made a big difference.  It seems like the 9100EM firmware is incomplete.  Is there a comprehensive Westell 9100EM reference guide somewhere?


I'm not a total idiot or complete newby, as I have taken the Cisco Academy CCNA and CCNP classes -- just for fun -- but there is an unlimited number of things that I still do not know.  (:-))

Posts: 7
Registered: ‎05-13-2011

Re: Trouble with Traffic Shaping and Priority

[ Edited ]

I talked to a field tech recently and he informed me that they do not issue the actiontec routers anymore, and they changed the firmware on the westell 9100EM because people would go into the router and tweak settings and then complain when their internet wasn't working, thats why the westell seems like it has incomplete firmware.


Here is a page with the user guide

Posts: 4
Registered: ‎06-30-2011
0 Kudos

Re: Trouble with Traffic Shaping and Priority

[ Edited ]

Thanks for the info.  I'm not here every day, as just about anybody can tell.


I have seen that document.


It is a real shame that these routers/bridges have so many capabilities that are watered down to the point that they might not as well be there at all.


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