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Posts: 3
Registered: ‎03-20-2011

router blocking websites

It has been ages since I had to do anything with regard to my fios internet, So, this may be trivial, but not to me at the moment.


Two websites I visit regularly (NY times Crossword puzzles and a Technical Forum) suddenly do not come up. This is on both my desktop and my laptop. All other sites work fine.


I checked my firewall; there is nothing blocking them there. The only other thing that the two computers ahve in common is the router.


Can the router be blocking these sites? If so, where do I go to see if this is true.





Silver Contributor IV
Posts: 1,122
Registered: ‎12-04-2009

Re: router blocking websites

oldsteve wrote:


The only other thing that the two computers ahve in common is the router.

Your two computers have more in common than just the router.

They also share your public IP address.


The router does not block any web sites in it's default configuration.

It is possible to do so by creating an Advanced Filter, however you would be aware of it if you had done so.


Has your public IP address changed recently?

If so, it is possible those web sites could have outdated bogon filters.

Turn your router off over night.  In the morning you should get a different IP address. 

Hopefully in an IP block that is not blocked.





Posts: 3
Registered: ‎03-20-2011

Re: router blocking websites

Thanks Anti Phish,


But, no luck. I turn the router off every night . So, I did not think this would work, and it didn't.


I turned the firewall off for a minute. Still no luck.


So, the connection to the two sites must be blocked before the firewall, which seems to leave the router as the "culprit".


I did not implement an Advanced Filter. Is it possible for the system to decide that a given site should be blocked? If so, where would I find such a block.


If the block is by an advanced filter, how could I view it?





Gold Contributor I
Posts: 1,692
Registered: ‎05-17-2009

Re: router blocking websites

[ Edited ]

Well the easiest way to clear out any blocks on the router is to simply reset it. Press and hold the reset button on the back for 10 seconds and then release. When it boots up it will clear out any custom settings.


However, if you do want to go in and check, just log into the router.


  1. open browser and go to
  2. username should be "admin" and the password should be the serial number on the router. Starts with C......
  3. Then go to the advanced tab

Once there there are many different sections where blocks can be added, you can just go into each and see if you see anything that would affect those websites.



However there is an easier way to check. Use a proxy. I'll see if I can dig it up. One of the members here has a good one that will tell you if it is a problem on your end or the other end.





EDIT:  Here is the link to the proxy.  courtesy of Hubrisnxs. If you use the proxy and you can get to those sites, then it will still be a problem with the IP address and the bogon filter. If you cant. Then it will be a firewall or other filter blocking you.   


Error exists between keyboard and chair.
Silver Contributor IV
Posts: 1,122
Registered: ‎12-04-2009

Re: router blocking websites

oldsteve wrote:

But, no luck. I turn the router off every night . So, I did not think this would work, and it didn't.

You need to check your IP block (first two octets) before and after.

If the problem is a bogon filter and you get assigned to the same IP block, nothing will change.


As I said before, the router does not block any web sites unless you configure it to do so.

There are two primary ways to block web sites in the router:

  • Advanced FIltering (under Firewall Settings; Advanced Filtering).
  • Parental Controls

Have you tried a traceroute to the affected sites?

(Do the traceroute by DNS name to ensure that the DNS name is getting resolved).


Are you using VZ's default DNS servers?


Copper Contributor
Posts: 42
Registered: ‎03-21-2011

Re: router blocking websites



Dear Steve,


you can try this one:

If you are using windows system and you have for browser Internet explorer go to tools then select internet options

after that will appear a box with different tabs click on connection tab, then look for lan settings an click on it, on the following

box you will find the option proxy server if the box has a check mark, remove it , press OK and close all windows, close internet

explorer and re-open the browser try again your pages.  


Good luck!


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