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Posts: 1
Registered: ‎05-09-2009
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wireless says im connected, but web pages wont load

[ Edited ]

So I'm currently hooked up through ethernet, but i have a wireless card in my computer and when i try to set up and connect to the wireless network it shows i have good signal strength and im connected, but internet pages wont load at all.  I've used the verizon fios connection wizard but it keeps telling me that if i want to set up wireless i first need to hook up the ethernet to the router (which i already have done).    Even if i didn't have a wired connection, why would the wizard ask me to hook up wired first to 'establish a connection'?  The whole pt. of wireless is to not have wires at all....



ps - I can establish a connection fine with the computer that the router is directly hooked up to.  I get my advertised speeds.  Its just the upstairs computer that wont connect at all wirelessly...and even the wired connection is pretty slow...


thanks for the help guys

Message Edited by udubber83 on 05-09-2009 08:50 PM
Bronze Contributor III
Posts: 398
Registered: ‎10-09-2008
Device: Assus Tablet Droid
Location: Tampa, Florida, USA
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Re: wireless says im connected, but web pages wont load

The fact that your computer says that you are connected, and with excellent signal strength, only refers to the local area wireless connection between your computer and the router.  That connection would be there even if you disconnected the router from the internet signal coming into the router from Verizon.     You may not be connected to your own wireless network, though, or something else is happening concerning your internet browzing.


The connection wizard needs you to connect to the router with an ethernet cable while it is running so that it can make a good connection WHILE IT IS SETTING UP YOUR  WIRELESS CONNECTION.   Set up a temporary situation where your computer that is not getting internet via wireless, where it is connected via an ethernet cable, and run the connection wizard to establish the wireless and then remove the ethernet cable. Note that running the connection wizard on your computer will leave an icon on your desktop for the Verizon Connection Wizard where you can go to at any time in the future to check and improve your wireless connection, also to run the Verizon optimizer for your broadband experience.  


Otherwise, since your computer says it does see and is connected to your local area wireless network, you should be able to connect to web pages.    Some troubleshooting, in my opinion, should start with doing a hard reset to your router and rebooting your computer (although these steps may not be necessay to get your web pages to work).      Assuming you are using Windows and internet explorer (you did not say), open your internet explorer via going to the start button, then 'programs', then find internet explorer in there.  -I have seen callers whose desktop icon that they were clicking on to open the internet had a corrupted link to their home page.  Try going to any other web site and see what that does.   Then, if still no web sites, find the 'tools' button in internet explorer and choose the 'internet options' choice.  In internet options click on the 'advanced' tab.  In there, at the bottom of that window, just above the 'OK' and 'cancel' buttons, you should see a 'reset' button and a 'restore advanced settings' button.  (If you do not have a 'reset' button, go back to the 'general' tab and click on the 'delete cookies' button, which will open another box where you need to click on 'delete all')  press the 'reset' button and tell it yes, you are sure, and let that go all the way thru deleting all, then choose 'OK' when it tells you that "for the changes to take affect you must restart internet explorer", then press the 'restore advanced settings' button, then press the "apply" button at the bottom (which will become available to press only after you press the 'restore advanced settings'), then press 'OK' and then close all open instances of internet explorer and then reopen it.      That should get you going.  If not, you need to talk to tech support on the phone. 

Bronze Contributor III
Posts: 398
Registered: ‎10-09-2008
Device: Assus Tablet Droid
Location: Tampa, Florida, USA
0 Kudos

Re: wireless says im connected, but web pages wont load

also, running the Verizon optimizer will help with slow speeds.  As to slow speeds, you also need to make sure you have no unneccessary processes hogging your cpu. 
Bronze Contributor III
Posts: 398
Registered: ‎10-09-2008
Device: Assus Tablet Droid
Location: Tampa, Florida, USA
0 Kudos

Re: wireless says im connected, but web pages wont load

To clarify a little more about SOME of what the connection wizard does, it obtains YOUR routers' assigned ESSID (network name) and WEP Key (security key that is required to access your wireless network) from the router and puts that info into your computer.   This is something that you can also do manually, instead of running the connection wizard (but the connection wizards does more for you).   The ESSID and the WEP Key are on a sticker located on the bottom of your router.  Write those down correctly to take to the computer upstairs.      NOTE:   you will be required to type the WEP Key into your computer and on a Windows computer you must use CAPITAL LETTERS, but on MACS, lower case.  


hope this helps


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