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Bronze Contributor II
Posts: 342
Registered: ‎02-11-2011
0 Kudos
Accepted Solution

Redbox Instant By Verizon Coming Soon

Verizon's new joint venture with redbox which is set to launch in a few months called "redbox instant by verizon" where it is currently in the alpha testing stage where fios customers will have an opportunity to for a fee rent redbox movies where they can stream them online. What will also be included with that deal if you are a fios customer will be a opportunity to rent dvds at a kiosk as part of that monthly deal. Now how much it will cost remains to be seen but verizon's competitor comcast is currently offering a netflix type of program called streampix where for a price you can watch movies online. The advantage for verizon in the redbox deal is that you will also be allowed to rent movies from kiosks. Comcast offers the first month of streampix for free so it will be interesting to see if verizon will do the same. After the free trial the price is somewhere from $5-$8 a month to stream movies online but remember that the redbox verizon deal will allow you to rent at kiosks so it may be a little more than that. If you go to the website you will see a page for the joint venture between the two companies where if you want to stay updated about when it will launch you will have to submit your email. Another interesting thing on that website is if you click on company info you will see it described what i have said on here where over 36,000 movies in dvd or blue ray will be available via a kiosk or to stream thanks to the deal where you need to sign up for a subscription with verizon to have access to those movies.

Bronze Contributor II
Posts: 223
Registered: ‎04-13-2011
0 Kudos

Re: Redbox Instant By Verizon Coming Soon

count me in for redbox please it available of ROKU please!!! ( i live in NYC)

Copper Contributor
Posts: 21
Registered: ‎08-15-2012
0 Kudos

Re: Redbox Instant By Verizon Coming Soon- coming by XMas.

Copper Contributor
Posts: 39
Registered: ‎05-28-2011
0 Kudos

Re: Redbox Instant By Verizon Coming Soon- coming by XMas.

I would love to be in an advance trial !!  My Roku is ready to go !!



Copper Contributor
Posts: 29
Registered: ‎01-29-2009
Location: Virginia
0 Kudos

Re: Redbox Instant By Verizon Coming Soon

[ Edited ]

Is it going to be a service featuring older films and previous seasons of TV shows, like Netflix or Amazon Prime? If so, Redbox is going to be building up their library from scratch, so for a while I'll bet it will have a smaller inventory than either of the others.


Will the kiosk rentals be included at no additonal cost, or will it be only a simplified means of reserving (already available via smartphone apps) and billing?


I really think Netflix's worst days are over, and now they are back on an upswing. They are beginning to produce original programming, they have continued the agreement with Epix (although they are no longer exclusive), they have greatly increased content in categories like foreign TV (I think they are up to around 50 Korean Dramas now).


Yes, I'd like to see their more recent movie content improved (has been lacking since the Starz deal expired), but it's still the leader of the subscription services in depth of content.


In addition, with the RedBox service, considering Verizon's poor performance on getting their services ported to mobile (unless it's a revenue stream like OnDemand and FlexView), than you'll be paying that $8 a month for something that is limited to the Set Top Boxes and home viewing. Considering the multiple ways you can pump Netflix into your tv (Roku, game consoles, Smart TVs, AppleTV, equipped BluRay players, even an iPhone or iPad with a video cable), a large percentabe of Netflix customers already have the means to watch the serivce on their televison without FIOS being involved.

Bronze Contributor II
Posts: 288
Registered: ‎10-26-2008
Device: 7232, 6200
Location: Warwick, RI
0 Kudos

Re: Redbox Instant By Verizon Coming Soon

I am curious to know if this new streaming service will be offered over the same technical infrastructure as the current VOD system. If so, I suspect it will be plagued by VOD errors and the inability to pause and resume as desired. Anybody know how this will be delivered? Will there be a separate equipment module like the tiny ROKU box, or will the streaming be done through the DVR? I would hope that the service will be made available to ROKU as that performs nearly flawlessly.

Copper Contributor
Posts: 39
Registered: ‎05-28-2011
0 Kudos

Re: Redbox Instant By Verizon Coming Soon

Redbox instant is going to try to compete against netflix and amazon instant video. It will be available on a wide range of devices like Roku, embedded on tv smart apps etc. It *MAY* also be available on FioS but no one has said anything about that. It really has nothing to do with FioS. Verizon is just trying to branch out and become more of a national player.



Copper Contributor
Posts: 42
Registered: ‎09-22-2012
0 Kudos

Re: Redbox Instant By Verizon Coming Soon

This will be a big fail.

Copper Contributor
Posts: 39
Registered: ‎05-28-2011
0 Kudos

Re: Redbox Instant By Verizon Coming Soon

I think it has a shot depending on the price and the selection of films. For your monthly fee you will get movie streaming plus a number of redbox rentals. I think the price has to be no higher than 7.99 a month with a few redbox rentals because im sure there film selection wont be as good as netflix to start.



Silver Contributor I
Posts: 493
Registered: ‎08-06-2009

Re: Redbox Instant By Verizon Coming Soon

The more importrant factor to me is HD.  The Redbox kiosks have not even a handful of Blu-Ray titles (which is why I rarely bother with Redbox).  So Redbox rentals aren't a big draw.  And we don't know if any streamiung will be at a full 1080p, Dolby 5.1 format.  If they aren't, no sale for me.


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