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Posts: 1
Registered: ‎06-18-2009
0 Kudos

Green Screen - HDMI

Fios TV was working great, then this morning turned out via HDMI and screen went green and never cleared.  tried reseting, unplugging..etc...and nothing.  when i watch a DVD works fine and when i connect through standard connections not HDMI cable works this a cable problem or Fios issue?
Posts: 6
Registered: ‎06-18-2009
Location: Everett, Washington
0 Kudos

Re: Green Screen - HDMI

The same thing started happening to me yesterday (06-17). Verizon did not know why, and suggested I use a five wire (Component) cable instead. Because I moved my LCD HD TV to another outlet that was working fine with my analog TV thru a digital converter, I suspect a less than quality signal is getting to that outlet, so HDMI tanks. My other LCD HD TV in an adjacent room works fine with the "bad" HDMI cable.


So, I vote for a FIOS issue as the answer to your question.


In my case it's the in the wall wiring, pre-FIOS & HD TV, so not much I can do about it, as long as the signal is strong to the house. I rent, so I'm not going to have the walls ripped up to string new cable.

Posts: 1
Registered: ‎08-05-2009
0 Kudos

Re: Green Screen - HDMI

[ Edited ]

I wanted to let the community know that I have received the green screenThis happened after I had the tv set up with HDMI directly into my Toshiba tv, which works fine that way.   I then tried to add my Onkyo A/V receiver, which has HDMI switching, and after about three seconds of clear picture, the screen turns green.


I called Verizon, they said if it works plugged into the tv directly fine, its not their problemThis is not trueI can plug my PS3 the same way into to the Onkyo A/V receiver using all the same cables and ports and it works fineIt worked with the old Cox Cable box I had fine.


One solution there is if you are using an A/V receiver is to plug the HDMI directly into the tv, because it works that wayThen use the optical out to the A/V receiverThis way you still get the 1080p from HDMI and still get the surround soundAll I can think of now, until Verizon fixes the problem via a firmware update or change Motorola as the cable box providerWho knows when that will be, if ever

Message Edited by IronCityKid on 08-05-2009 10:47 AM
Message Edited by IronCityKid on 08-05-2009 10:49 AM
Bronze Contributor II
Posts: 186
Registered: ‎09-09-2008
Location: Northern Virginia/DC
0 Kudos

Re: Green Screen - HDMI

Why must it be a VERIZON problem?


I have a 6416 DVR going via HDMI through an Onkyo receiver to my Panny Plasma and it works fine.  Perhaps the problem is at the Toshiba TV end of the HDMI handshake.

Copper Contributor
Posts: 18
Registered: ‎06-09-2009
0 Kudos

Re: Green Screen - HDMI

It is a Verizon problem when all my other components work fine with my 2009 Sony LCD TV except for my 7216 Motorolla set top box that Verizon provides.


I can plug in my PS3, my media center PC, my blu-ray player, my old Dish Network VIP 622 receiver, my old upconverting DVD player and have them ALL work fine without any HDMI handshake issues with both 1080i programming and 480i programming.


This means that Verizon's software / firmware or something in the hardware of the Moto box is not set up properly to allow for proper HDCP handshaking on HDMI connections.


In this case, Verizon's 7216 DVR seems to have major challenges with HDMI in two different areas:


1.  When you turn on the DVR, you get a green screen indicating that the HDCP handshake did not complete properly.  And / or....

2.  When you change between 1080i and 480i programming, you get a green screen or blank black screen, both of which are indicating that the HDCP handshake did not complete after the resolution change on the TV as a resolution change forces a check of HDCP.  The resolution for many of us has been to turn off SD downconversion and to just keep all programming at 1080i at all times.  This bypasses the HDCP check when you go from an HD channel to an SD channel and vice versa.


Everyone in the industry using HDMI used to have more HDCP handshaking issues in the past than they do today.  When I first got my Dish Network DVR, for example, it refused to handshake properly with my old Dell W4201 Plasma tv.  But as people complained, Dish changed their software code and the HDCP handshaking issues went away.


The problem occurs mostly today when, instead of paying someone else big bucks for known good software code, a manufacturer decides to save money by writing their own code for HDCP handshaking.  Then, they eventually find out from customers that they skipped something in programming along the way.  This is why you normally see HDCP handshaking issues from 'cheaper' vendors like Lite-On DVD burners, Insignia blu-ray players, Westinghouse and Vizio TV's, etc.


So, in my own personal opinion, the reason we have HDCP handshake issues with the Verizon box is because they decided to try to write their own firmware and software code for the Motorola box on their own or because Motorola wrote the code and did a poor job doing it.


But is it a Sony problem?  Absolutely not.  Especially when we keep seeing reports of HDCP issues with TV and stereo receivers from many different manufacturers including Toshiba, Onkyo, Sony, LG and many many others.


If we were to ONLY hear about hdcp issues from Sony, for example, and Sony TV's also had problems with HDCP on other components like blu-ray players, then you could blame Sony.  But in this case it's definitely Verizon or Motorola's problem.


Is "use component cables instead" a good answer?  In my opinion, no.  Verizon should be fixing their HDCP issues with Motorola, not just giving people a second rate workaround.


Platinum Contributor I
Posts: 5,881
Registered: ‎07-22-2009
0 Kudos

Re: Green Screen - HDMI

I get the impression that HDMI was a very RUSHED product technology wise.   If you do a search for HDMI issues in general, there are TONS that don't relate to verizon at all.  


That being said, you can try the power ok select (from the cable box, not the remote),  you'll get a User Settings Menu,    you can try going into Additional DVI / HDMI Settings, and change the current setting (it doesn't really matter what it is, just change it in general) and then arrow down to restore automatic settings, then arrow down after that and hit select when you have restore automatic settings   go to the main page after that and hit restore all defaults.  


I had that happen a very long time ago and that surprisingly worked for me, but I haven't seen it work for anyone else really. 

Platinum Contributor I
Posts: 5,881
Registered: ‎07-22-2009
0 Kudos

Re: Green Screen - HDMI

"In my opinion, no. Verizon should be fixing their HDCP issues with Motorola, not just giving people a second rate workaround."



It's not verizon's issue on that,  I responded earlier, and you probably didn't see it because of the timing but HDMI and HDCP issues is the flavor of the month for EVERYONE.    if you do a google search with any random company, you will find a ton of hits talking about the problem with it.  


I said it before, HDMI was a very rushed protocol or what-have-you

Platinum Contributor I
Posts: 5,881
Registered: ‎07-22-2009
0 Kudos

Re: Green Screen - HDMI


for example


Sony hdcp problems.


sony hdmi problems. 




You asked earlier if it's sony's problem?


I can't answer that, but I can say that they have their fair share of problems with hdmi and HDCP 


so take that for what it's worth

Posts: 5
Registered: ‎08-05-2009
0 Kudos

Re: Green Screen - HDMI

Ask for 6416-2 dvr. It works perfect. Had the same issue with Denon receiver. Also, another friend of mine had the same issue...resolved with 6416-2
Gold Contributor I
Posts: 1,692
Registered: ‎05-17-2009
0 Kudos

Re: Green Screen - HDMI

The problem is with motorola, not Verizon. Any company that uses the motorola boxes have the same issues. All these companies should be putting pressure on motorola (including Verizon) but its not something that Verizon can fix.



I see this post everywhere I look...



"I have had nothing but problems with the tv service ever since I moved to (insert company name here). I never used to have this problem with (insert company name here).  I'm going to go back to (insert company name here)"




"I have had nothing but problems with the HDMI ever since I moved to (insert company name here). I never used to have this problem with (insert company name here).  I have a motorola STB"



You can fill in any company name into those fields and you will find that on any board you go to.


Error exists between keyboard and chair.

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