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Can I downgrade to a double play, but still keep my other plans?

Since nobody in the house uses our home phone, I feel that we should get rid of it.


I have the 35/35 package, along with the Ultimate HD package. I checked online and saw that they don't offer this package without the phone. I called the office today and they were closed. I really want to keep my 35/35 pack, along with the TV. 


Basically, I want to downgrade to just internet+TV, but keep the ones I currently have. 

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Re: Can I downgrade to a double play, but still keep my other plans?

While I can't speak to the impact or obligations you may have with any current package you subscribed to ... I can tell you that I have exactly the bundle you describe ... 35/35 internet with Ultimate HD TV and no phone.  I just checked and while it doesn't come up as one of the "featured" packages, if I elect to build my own bundled, the monthly price which comes up is the same as my current bundle price (in fact, it's $10 cheaper per month for the first year).




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