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FHTM legimate purveyor of Verizon Wireless?

A friend of mine recently became involved in FHTM, Future High Tech Marketing.  This is a multi-level marketing business, which to me seems quasi-ethical if not quasi-legal.  Regardless what I think of the organization itself, I was looking for someone from Verizon Wireless to comment on the legitimacy of purchasing/renewing service THROUGH this FHTM portal.  From what I gather, these guys are simply reselling Verizon, Dish Network, and some other things through their own infrastructure, and taking a cut of that transaction.  My question, though, is does Verizon sanction this, and is the service renewal you get by going through FHTM or any other MLM scheme exactly the same as if you had renewed through Verizon Wireless proper?  If so, what incentive does Verizon have for allowing a 3rd-party to snack off of any profits, if they could natively get the subscriber to re-subscribe anyway?  Thank you for your time.

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Re: FHTM legimate purveyor of Verizon Wireless?


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