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FiOS After The One-Year Contract

Is there anyone willing to share their experience when their contract with Verizon expired? I am currently under contract with Verizon for a FiOS Triple Freedom Bundle for $99. What happens when my contract expires? What should I do so I don't end up paying $300+ after my contract?
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Re: FiOS After The One-Year Contract

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I take it you weren't offered the "2 Year price guarantee"?


A couple years ago I had internet only and when my contract expired I still received the same price for about 6 months after.  I didn't see a price increase until the speed was increased which came with a higher cost.


If you're concerned about it, you can always ask to renew your contract.

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Re: FiOS After The One-Year Contract

We finished off a 1 year contract and renewed March of 09 for a second year.  Our prices stayed the same, unless we decide to upgrade our Internet speed.  There's a cancellation fee, but that's normal if you sign a contract for a year.
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Re: FiOS After The One-Year Contract

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All you have to do is call customer service and ask them to renewal your contract and see if you can lock in a price for 2 years. If you need the number it is 1888-553-1555. But just let you know sometimes prices can change so your price could stay the same or change, but you can ask them and see what they can give you.





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