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FiOS location checker can't find my address?

I've tried a few times using the main page as well as a link I found on this forum... Yet still no luck. I just want to check all the deals available and the like to compare to my current cable situation... And considering I'm happy just secretly envious of the faster speeds FiOS could possibly provide, I don't want to call and be pressured @_@


Why wouldn't the locator be able to find my address? I live in Los Angeles, and I know for a fact a few people nearby have verizon...


So help or explanation would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: FiOS location checker can't find my address?

Just because FIOS is available in LA, it doesn't mean its available everywhere. I would be happy to check on the back end if its showing your particular address as being available. I have sent you a private message to get more information.


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