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HOW DO I CONTACT VERIZON? Phone number, please!

Less than 24 hours into switching to Verizon, my internet and all but basic cable completely stopped working.  I was on a live diagnostic chat this morning that got cut off, and am otherwise stumped by how to get back in touch with this company.


- When I try Live Chat again, I'm told it's unavailable.


- When I enter my zip code to get a number to call, I'm told my request cannot be processed.


- When I try using the In-Home agent, I'm told that is unavailable as well.

Good times.  Does anyone have a phone number I can use to contact Verizon from the greater Philadelphia area?  Thank you!

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Re: HOW DO I CONTACT VERIZON? Phone number, please!

You don't mention whether you are on a copper wire service or FiOS.


I have this for FiOS repair: 888-339-7333


and this for copper in the PA area: 800-275-2355


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