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Verizon ruined my yard -who to contact?

I returned home in Alexandria, VA and found that a Verizon crew installing cable cut up my yard, laid the cable, and left behind holes and a bady patched up yard.  Who can IO contact - phoning does no good.  Thanks

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Re: Verizon ruined my yard -who to contact?

Contact:  1800-8374966 repair submit a claim for damages


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Re: Verizon ruined my yard -who to contact?

That happened to us too in 2007. We were trying to sell our house when Fios came thru the neighborhood. Only one person out of 70 homes signed up for Fios but since we have underground utilities they tore up everyone's yard. They damage my sprinkler line and ruined the new sod. Total of $500!

It took awhile, but Verizon had to fix it. Don't give up!


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