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DSL Installation software online?

I am doing a clean sweep of my computer and reinstalling WindowsXP Pro. I will need to reinstall my verizon DSL software but I have lost the installation CD. I cannot seem to find the files on the verizon website. Is there anywhere that I can download this software directly online without having to wait for verizon to mail me a replacement CD?
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Re: DSL Installation software online?

Verizon for home users either uses.


#2 OR PPPoE.

Either way, you do not the verizon software to get online.


If you are not behind a router, you are running Windows XP, and your connection type in PPPoE...

See as need be: [url=]DSLR ( All FAQs » Verizon Online DSL FAQ » 6. Software » How to setup WinXP pppoe[/url]

I know that FAQ was last modified on 2004-12-09, but it is correct because I have done on Windows XP Home SP2 (tested it on SP3, too).


Before doing anything else..

#1 What is the brand and model of your modem?

#2 Do you have any router (If so, what one do you have)?

#3 Do you use DHCP or PPPoE?


If you don't know the answer to the last one..

Here is a hint. Which is a quick quote from [url=]DSLR All FAQs » Verizon Online DSL FAQ » 7. Setup »
Verizon GTE Setup [/url]

* GTE areas of Verizon do not need PPPoe (WinPoet/Raspppoe) for their setup. This is only needed by the old BellAtlantic customers. *

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Re: DSL Installation software online?

This is the Verizon web page you are looking for.

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