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Posts: 1
Registered: ‎08-19-2011
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DSL connection keeps dropping randomly (PPP Down)

Hi, my family has been using the Verizon DSL service for a few years now, and over the course of this time we've had random intervals of connectivity issues.  It lasts from anywhere from like a few minutes to hours or even days at a time, with little warning as to why.  For example, it dropped and reconnected as I was typing this message <.<  As I am going to college, it usually isn't a big issue to me since I'm not home most of the year, but I've finally gotten fed up with this issue and am desperate for any insight into this issue.  A typical scenario involves the connection dropping, reconnecting after a random period of time, and then dropping again not even a few minutes later only to repeat the cycle for some unknown amount of time.  It's so irritating because it makes it nearly impossible to get anything done.


I'm using a Westell Versalink 327w by the way.


I've tried power cycling everything, I've tried rebooting the router, I've checked the ethernet cables, I've tried changing wireless channels, I made sure the connection is set to Always On with the correct username and password to auto reconnect, but nothing seems to make any difference.  I've tried calling Verizon support about the issue, but they haven't managed to convince me that they even know what a router is, let alone anything about DSL connections.


Whenever it happens, the IP Address on the router home page reads as PPP Down and the DSL Link & Internet Status read Not Connected.  I've posted a copy of the system log below so you can see what happens (and yes, I feel I've adequately named my connection for what it is).

Platinum Contributor I
Posts: 6,429
Registered: ‎12-15-2010
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Re: DSL connection keeps dropping randomly (PPP Down)

lol @ modem Profile connection name.


Your transceiver statistics from what I can see immediately at sync of the connection has some pretty bad statistics. Your margins are low, attenuation is all over the place, and the speed is everywhere. Definitely signs of a line trouble, since the connection should be handing a lot better than that.


If you have Voice Service with Verizon, do you notice static or other noises on the line during the time the modem disconnects? Does the same noise, if it is present, occur even when the modem is powered off? The noises I'm talking about include 60Hz humming, static, buzzing, crackling and popping.


In addition, if you have access to your NID, does the modem drop out as often, and do the Transceiver Statistics look a lot better? If you can connect the modem to the NID and provide your Transceiver Statistics, that would be much appreciated. If you've discovered noise on the line, is the noise also present out at the NID, especially with the DSL modem connected to the NID at the same time?


If you need help as to what a NID is, check this page out: . It is often located near your electrical panel/electrical service enterance. If it isn't found there, it might be located on an extension pole somewhere on your property at a height where you can reach it. It is pretty much the joining point between your home's wiring and the copper drop from Verizon.


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