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Data charges for Wifi?

Our last couple of bills have been almost $2,000, and there has been some dispute in our household of where the data charges are coming from.

Are there plans in which data charges be incurred from streaming video (such as Netflix instant view movies) on a laptop using a wifi modem, or are all data charges from accessing the internet on your phone?

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Re: Data charges for Wifi?

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You can't incur charges for using a Wi-Fi Modem. Such as a wireless router for your home internet.


The only way I see that happening is if you tethered your cellphone or used it as a mobile hotspot, and raked up a lot of data.

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Re: Data charges for Wifi?

No charge for wifi or internet beyond the base monthly charge ... from your DSL modem/router.


Lots and lots and lots of expensive charges if you're using a "wireless modem" (not a wifi card) or a phone which supports wireless data (or even wifi -- and fail to turn "on" the wifi connection before using it).  



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Re: Data charges for Wifi?

Thanks. This helped alot.


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