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Firmware for Actiontec GT704-WG Modem/Router

In various forums I have read that the above is the latest firmware for the Actiontec, Verizon branded modem.  Am I too stupid to find the download page on the Verizon site to look for this firmware?

When I try to update the firmware directly from my modem it takes me to a forbidden Actiontec site.  I contacted Actiontec and they claim that only Verizon carries this firmware update.  They cannot contractually provide any updated firmware for Verizon branded Actiontec modems.

Can someone please help?

Thanks so much


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Re: Firmware for Actiontec GT704-WG Modem/Router

The router will automatically update when another update is available


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Re: Firmware for Actiontec GT704-WG Modem/Router

My GT704-WG does not seem to automatically update.  Its firmware is version .10 and the latest is .14 according to the actiontec website


If I log into my router and ask it to upgrade the firmware, it requires me to browse to the file locally.  It has a link where the file is supposed to be but this link gives me an 'access forbidden' message.


Where can I find the latest version of the firmware on the internet?


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