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Hello, I was helping a friend of mine set up port fowarding for a program called Xlink Kai, but in the process he accidenly deleted the service called IPSEC ALG. He also enabled UPNP.


Now, he can no longer get internet wirelessly, despite being able to connect to his network. He was able to get internet through an ethernet cable, but after turning off UPNP and attempting to turn it back on that no longer works.


Essentially, the only changes that have occured with his networking are deleting IPSEC ALG and turning on UPNP, and somehow he ended up with no internet. 


His router is the Versalink from Westell, model number D90-327W15-06. All of his lights are green, but he does not have access to the internet nor could he access his routers page. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!


I don't know if this  matters, but the computer hes working with is a Macbook pro 15in.

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What he/she should of done was.


#1 Turn off UPnP in the router, unless he/she has at least two game consoles behind this router.


By game console, a special type of computer with no keyboard or mouse (and it/they are usually connected to a TV).




If he/she does not have at least two game consoles behind this router, followed the rest of these directions


#2 In the the router went to Advanced -> Private LAN.


#3 On his/her computer setup a Static IP outside of that Starting IP and Ending IP Address


#4 In the router forward to the IP Address that he/she setup on their computer.





What I would do to fix that, "reset" the router and start all over again.



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