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Lost Verizon Installation disk, Any links to Download a new?

Recently had my computer blue screen on me soi had to restore it. i can't seem to find that disk to save my life!

I have looked all over the site but found no replacement Dl link or a request for a new.

Anyone have any ideas? 

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Re: Lost Verizon Installation disk, Any links to Download a new?

You do not need to install their software, but if you want to: How about, this path...

#1 Go to

#2 Click on register now.

#3 The first screen will ask you which product you purchased from Verizon Online.

Select Verizon High Speed Internet Service, in your case and click next.

These are the choices.

a) Activate High Speed Internet service.

b) Configure additional PC or reinstall software.

c) Reconnect to the Internet because I reset or replaced
my modem.

#4 Select "Configure additional PC or reinstall software" and follow the directions.

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