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Modem problems? (Flashing Ethernet and Internet)

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Ive read some page on what flashing lights mean. My ethernet is flashing a fast green same with my internet light. Never any red, always green. My internet is decently connected. I get my same download speeds but I notice for webpages I'll need to reload a page or click a link a second or a third time to get it to register. At times the light will stay solid for Ethernet but its usually always flashing.


Anything I can do to get a static connection? This started right after my DNS problem which lasted a few days, was unable to be resolved by verizon but then suddenly just stopped being a problem by itself.




Vista 64

Modem is a Westell 6100 thats about.. 4 years old?


Dunno any other things that could be relevent. Sigh. And I cant cancel verizon for another year or so.


How much is early termination cost? God why did I sign a second contract?

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Re: Modem problems? (Flashing Ethernet and Internet)

I also have a flashing green internet  and data light.  Mine has been this way since I signed up with verizon in July.  Everything seems to be wowrking allright.  My dsl light is a solid green.

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Re: Modem problems? (Flashing Ethernet and Internet)

Hi, there is nothing wrong with flashing ethernet or internet lights. On some modems it's a way to show that data is being passed through the router.

~~ "It's not a bug. It's an undocumented feature."

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