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PPP Username and Password

I am trying to set up another DSL modem for my home. It's the Actiontec GT724WGR modem. When I try to set up the connection, it is asking for my DSL username and password. I was just wondering if anyone can help me find out what those are?

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Re: PPP Username and Password

In some Verizon areas, such as mine, the Username and Password can be any combination of Username and Password. Often times with Verizon's modems, the pre-set "newdsl" profile will work just fine out of the box. Anyhow, the PPPoE Username and Password is the same thing that is used to reach your Verizon E-Mail, for the most part. Other than that, give Verizon's Tech Support a call. They should be able to at least give you the Username.

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