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Verizon yahoo login page

Since yesterday I have been unable to login to the Verizon yahoo login screen..

I reset my password by answering the security question and I receive a message that my password was reset successfully and I am able to login to Verizon Central using the new password but, not the Verizon Yahoo login screen. I have never had an issue until yesterday.  Please help as I need to access using this page in order to access my yahoo fantasy sports.!!!

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Re: Verizon yahoo login page

Same problem  !!    All of Verizon's e-mails, etc act as if they are all over the conversion to Frontier.  But, all of that doesnt happen until July 1 - the final cutover.  For now, yahoo is unaccessible like they totally forgot about it  !!   Yuck on the customer service angle.  The least they could do is not pretend they are really attentive to the user experience.


After reading all the emails and all the FAQs - NOTHING, ZIP on this issue.


If anyone else has somehow solved this condundrum, please let me know  !!

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Re: Verizon yahoo login page

Please check the following page on Verizon's site:


Discontinu ed Portal Partnershi p with Verizon in Some Areas


More info on discontinued portal partnerships can be found on the Email board.

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